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Rent a car at Pisa airport using another person’s credit card

Do you need to rent a car and / or van / Minivan but do not have a credit card in your name? Our rental agency gives you the possibility to use another person's credit card for all the operations necessary for the rental. How to do ? write to:; our operators will send [...]

Car rental for young people and new drivers at Pisa airport

Summer is coming and many young people that are always busy with work or study will be finally able to relax.   For those who are already organizing the summer in the company of their friends in Pisa and need a car we want to inform you that our car rental company gives the opportunity to drive a [...]


· Can I hire a car without a credit card?   If you’re planning on hiring a car for the first time, you might wonder if you can do it without a credit card. The answer is… yes! We' the only car rental at Pisa airport that accepts the release of the cautionary deposit through [...]

Multirent Italia: The nearest Pisa airport car rental

Multirent Italia: the nearest Pisa airport car rental, even on foot!   Multirent Italia car rental  is easily reached on foot by elderly people or people with walking difficulties. We are only 200 meters walking distance from the airport !! Once you get out of the Pisa airport, just go to the departure gate. After [...]

Minivan Rental 9 seats at Pisa airport.

The rental of a 9-seater Minivan is designed for those who need more space, even in terms of boot. Ideal for your weekend or a long trip in the company of your friends or your family. Request a quote, our staff will be at your disposal.

Rent a car with return in another place

Do you want to rent a car from Pisa but return it to another city? With us you will have the possibility, if necessary, to return the car in a different place from that of the withdrawal, thus giving flexibility to your trip and allowing you to build a tailor-made itinerary for you. The return [...]


  Van rental is designed for companies and / or individuals who need a lot of space for their activities. To offer you all the existing possibilities, you can rent different types of van: from classic vans like, for example, the Fiat Doblò to the Ford Transit, ideal for removals, deliveries, fairs and transport of [...]

Rent a car at Pisa airport without using a credit card

Are you travelling and do you want to rent an auto without having to introduce a credit card? If you’re planning on hiring a car for the first time, you might wonder if you can do it without a credit card. The answer is… YES  you can it is now possible to rent cars without a […]

7 seater car hire at Pisa airport

The 7-seater car can satisfy even rather particular needs as it is a vehicle that can carry a number of passengers much higher than the classic car: It is designed for those who have to run a real shuttle service, perhaps to accompany a good number of people from the airport to a hotel, or […]

CAR ,VANS AND OTHER VEHICLES RENTAL RESERVATION: how to book with 4 simple steps

Book on our website the vehicle you prefer is much easier than you think! Below you will find the steps to follow to do it the quickest way! You are on our home: 1) select FIND VEHICLES and enter the 4 required fields (place, collection date *, return date *, category) * N.B: you can […]

Rent a car at Pisa airport with an additional driver

Have you planned to leave for a long trip or simply want to alternate in driving with your friends? Multirent Italia has also thought of this by offering you the option second driver, in this way you will no longer be just driving along the way and everyone can relax and enjoy the holidays, thus [...]

Hourly van Rental at Pisa airport

Are you moving or do you need a spacious vehicle for your business or for freight only for a few hours? The most advantageous solution is without any doubt  the one of renting a van. Why is it advantageous? It is certainly from the economic point of view as at the end of the rental [...]

Car rental with drop off/pick up car at hotel in Pisa

Have you decided to spend your holidays in Pisa and do you need to rent a car during your stay? MultiRent Italia offers you the possibility to rent cars or other vehicles in any hotel with an agreement with us. The hotel offers its customers any type of vehicle: from compact cars to station wagons, [...]

Luxury car rentals in Pisa airport

Are you planning to come to Pisa for your next relaxing  holidays? Make everything easier and more comfortable by renting a luxury car! You will experience a unique driving experience and enjoy your holiday of luxury and comfort. The luxury car section is therefore designed to meet the various needs of our customers by offering [...]

Long Term scooter rental at Pisa airport

Take advantage of the sunny days and the hot weather to rent a long-term scooter; a mobility service dedicated to companies and individuals who need a scooter without a redemption obligation. By paying a fixed monthly fee then, you can have a scooter for a period of time and a mileage calculated on your real […]

Fleet Rental at Pisa airport

The  fleet  rental relates to all the same types of vehicles that are hired by a single company or a company with many employees who need to move to perform their job duties. We therefore talk about a fleet when you use dozens of cars or vans, usually all the same for the type of job. [...]


Are you the owner of a company and do you need to rent a car or a van? take advantage of rates and facilities dedicated to you! Our company agreement list also includes the delivery and collection service of the car at your facility. Ask our staff for an appointment Name and Surname* Email* Phone [...]


When you travel for work or you decide to leave for a holiday sometimes you need to carry a trailer or something else, here is the need to rent a car  with the tow hook. Not all car rental companies, however, have this type of service, so we often need to make a careful search [...]

Van rental with towbar at Pisa airport

Do you need to rent a van with a towbar? Not all car rental companies have this type of service, we are! We guarantee you a fast booking and a quality service, ready to satisfy any kind of need in terms of mobility. Also, with our all-inclusive rates you can rest assured that there will [...]

Cheap car rentals at Pisa airport

With the term cheap car rentals we indicate a small car with a reduced price, convenient for fast travel, for shopping or to reach the city center, such as the Fiat Panda, the Nissan Micra and similar. We remind you that, if you wish to book a specific model, simply request it in advance through our [...]

Boat trailers rental

Our company, among the various services, also offers a boat trailers rental service, ideal for those who need it for work, sport or leisure. Our boat trailers  are in perfect condition, regularly approved and insured. We can offer contracts of various kinds, from the one cost per day to that for days or for weekends. Our staff [...]

Truck rental for goods transport at Pisa airport

Do you have to move home, carry a motorbike, do cleaning or more simply make a generic transport? Come and try the new Fiat Ducato, coming up these days! The new 3-seater van is even more efficient for its transport capacity, for greater internal space, for the greater power of engines and reduced consumption. Contact […]

Automatic car rental at Pisa airport

Do you want to rent a car with automatic transmission? Book through our site, it’s easier than you think! Here are the simple steps to follow: 1) select the type of car, the total rental days and the delivery and redelivery times 2) On the next page you will find the extras to which we […]

Agreement van rental for companies

Does your company need to hire a van? Contact us to make an appointment! We will be able to identify your needs and develop a special price list based on your real needs. This price list will give you the opportunity to always know (every day of the year) the rate that your company will […]

Not Just car rental, find out more!

Multirent Italia is not just a car rental, we also handle the sale! We offer a wide range of vehicles: from compact car to station wagon and so on. Our staff will be able to recommend the car that best suits your needs. Contact us, write to:

Station wagon rental at Pisa airport

Have you decided to leave for this weekend and want to rent a spacious car? Rent one of our station wagons (Renault Megane / Fiat Tipo and similar) cars ideal for spending holidays with your children!

Rent a scooter at Pisa airport

Take advantage of sunny days to rent a scooter! You can reach parts of the city where you can not get there by car and moreover you will easily find parking.  

Long Term Renting for private individuals

Long Term Rental for private Individuals Long-term rental for  private individuals is a solution that can also be defined as an “all-inclusive” formula What is meant by everything included? It means that you will have included in the monthly fee: insurance coverage, stamp duty, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, towing, tires, the replacement vehicle. Rediscover the pleasure of […]

Insurance coverage with a rental car

A good insurance coverage is what allows us to drive without worries when we’re renting a car. However the possibilities are many and this can sometimes create confusion. Because of that reason MultiRent Italia team is available to help you understand which covers are included in your car rental and which ones you can add […]

Long term renting with Multirent Italia

The long term renting is thought to answer to every demand of mobility for professionals, Small and Undertook Averages. With the payment of a fixed monthly canon, it is possible to have a car or a commercial vehicle for a period of time and a quantity of km calculated on the real necessities. Contact us […]

What is the difference between long term renting and long term renting with option to purchase?

  Although apparently there are no differences with the Long-Term Rental, the option RENT 2 BUY provides a period of testing the car through its rental with the possibility to redeem the vehicle becoming its owner. The RENT 2 BUY is in other words the car rental in order to its purchase. Do not hesitate [...]


Our Hourly Car Rental This option is designed for those who need a car, a van or other vehicles for a short trip, for a specific event, for a move, to go to a meeting or to carry out other errands in a simple and fast way. The solution of hiring a vehicle by the [...]

Rent a car with thermal tyres

Snow is coming up? Any problem. Starting from today you will find at our car rental to Pisa airport, cars arranged with winter tyres. Rent a car with thermal tyres;  drive in safety!  

Road accident Management

Our proposal is to provide you a personalised assistance to solve a complicated situation like the one following a road accident. If there's anything that we can do, please don't hesitate to tell us Name and Surname* Email* Phone Message* *Required fields

Travel with animals on board? no problem!

Do you want to rent an auto and bring your animal with you? With Multirent Italia is possible! Whatever is the type of the trip that you want to do, the doors of our cars are open to your animal friends. Contact us for more info.

Travel abroad with a rental car

Would you like to go abroad with one of our rental car? Contact us or come us visit at airport street n° 69 and show us your itinerary. You’ll receive all the authorizations so you’ll be able to travel without any problem.

Car rental station wagon low-cost Pisa airport

STATION WAGON to 40,00 €u / day unlimited mileage 2 LATEST AVAILABILITY ‘: DISCOUNT 26% on daily rental UPDATE 12:00 am: still two remaining cars Offer valid subject to availability Friends contact us !!

Fly & Drive Tuscany : visit Tuscany for the Christmas holidays and New Year 2016

Tuscany is a region to visit by car. How to do? Arrivals at the airport, pick up a car at Multirent Italia and follow your route ... Fly & Drive Tuscany offers the opportunity to visit this beautiful region and enjoy the different landscapes that distinguish it: from the plains to the coast, from the [...]

OFFERS Last Minute: hire low cost not to be missed

From today follow our news and you will not regret ... DISCOUNTS UP TO 50% !! In the news we will suggest the most economical vehicle for hire: cars, minivans, vans, electric vehicles, towing , motorcycles, Piaggio Vespa, and much more .. Constant updates on the best rental offer : last minute of the day, [...]

Car Rental LUCCA COMICS & GAMES 2016

From October 28 to November 1 will start a new edition of Lucca Comics & Games. More Information. The event this year will celebrate the fiftieth edition. And then the slogan of this year to Multirent Italia is 50!! To all the fans who in those days they want to achieve Lucca we offer rent [...]

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