Car rental for young people and new drivers at Pisa airport

Summer is coming and many young people that are always busy with work or study will be finally able to relax.


For those who are already organizing the summer in the company of their friends in Pisa and need a car we want to inform you that our car rental company gives the opportunity to drive a car even to those who are not 25 years of age and those who have been driving licenses for less than 5 years.


Speaking of the latter it is important to clarify that throughout the first year from obtaining the license the new drivers can not drive any car that our rental provides, but will have to pay attention to the limit of displacement imposed by the Ministry of Transport. The cars allowed must remain below the weight / power ratio of 55 kw / t, with a limit of maximum power of 70 kW.


For those coming from abroad it is important to know that if the driver’s license is not in the Romanic alphabet (eg Arabic, Greek, Russian, or Chinese) it will be necessary to have instead an international driving license (I.D.L, International Driving License).


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