Hourly van Rental at Pisa airport

Are you moving or do you need a spacious vehicle for your business or for freight only for a few hours?

The most advantageous solution is without any doubt  the one of renting a van.

Why is it advantageous? It is certainly from the economic point of view as at the end of the rental the actual use of the vehicle will be paid, in addition you will save time and you will be the one to follow every movement, taking care of the materials.

Contact us and able to meet all your needs in terms of size, performance and rental time, at affordable rates

noleggio furgone all'aeroporto di Pisa

MultiRENT Italia s.r.l. – Via dell’Aeroporto 71, 56121 Pisa P.IVA: 02119640502 – PEC: multirentitalia@pec.it Capitale Sociale: €15.000,00 int. vers.