Don’t have a credit card? Great news!

With us you can rent cars, minivans, vans and scooters by ready money, debit card or prepaid card.

In order to meet your needs and to further simplify your rental experience, we provide our clients with the chance to pay the rental and to release the security deposit by ready money, debit card or prepaid card!

If you don’t own a credit card and you want to reserve a vehicle with us, please send us an e-mail including:

  • The type of vehicle desired
  • The date and time of collection and delivery

In a few minutes we will check the availability and send you the required price and a reservation model that will allow you to find the chosen vehicle on the desired day READY in front of our office.


Acceptance Service of delegation letter

Do you need to rent a car, scooter, minivan or van but you are not the holder of the card which you want to release the security deposit with?

Are you an employee  renting a car on behalf of your company and you have the card of the company owner?

Did you forget your credit/debit card at home?

Have you finished the plafond on your card and you want to use the card of a friend or family member?

We have the solution for you!

The “acceptance delegation letter” service gives anyone the possibility to rent the vehicle needed, in a few easy steps.

How? By a simple delegation letter from the holder of the card!

Remember that in order to use a credit/debit/prepaid card owned by someone else, you also need :

  • A copy of the ID of the card holder;
  • A delegation letter signed by the card holder.

Ask for more informations sending us an e-mail.
We will also be glad to give you the precompiled model of delegation so as not to waste any more time!

Choose how to travel and how to pay!

Remember that the rates proposed on this website are reserved for credit card holders only.

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